What Everybody MUST Know Before Purchasing A Set Of Resistance Bands!

The #1 Secret To Simple And Effective Workouts
Amazing Core Fitness Resistance Set is simple, portable & a effective workout
Personal Trainers & Physical Therapists use resistance bands for building strength, coordination & balance
Great for Anyone from Beginners to Serious Athletes
Perfect for toning Legs, Hips, Shoulders, Arms & Core
Use it for P90x, Insanity, Yoga, Pilates, Physical Therapy or any other workout

Why Resistance Bands?
Resistance bands offer a number of training exercises by simply changing your bodily position in order to change the tension on your muscles
Bands take up little space, are mobile, and easy to use on any fitness level
It requires coordination and balance so you end up using more of core muscle groups to stabilize your body
Exercising with bands helps maintain lean muscle mass, offers a safe way to train at any age

What’s Included?
Four Resistance Loop Bands(10″ or 12″)
1 Blue “Light” Band
1 Red “Medium” Band
1 Green “Heavy” Band
1 Black “X-Heavy” Band
Online Exercise Videos
Exercise Ebook

Why Amazing Core Fitness?
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Amazing Core Fitness distributes high-quality home exercise equipment designed to deliver results in the comfort and convenience of your home.
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Product Features

  • ★ Any Band can be used together at one-time to create multiple levels of resistance. (5-97lbs) GREAT for P90x, Insanity, Crossfit Training, Yoga, Pilates, Beachbody, Physical Therapy, Strengthing, Upper Body or Any Workout out there. Also can be used for strengthening of glutes, legs, hips & knees. Recovery after Torn MCL, Torn ACL, Knee replacement, Isometrics / stabilization exercises, Monster walks, lateral walks, goblet squats, Improving mobility & Meniscus / Patella rehab.
  • ★ Four (4) Easy to use color-coded bands makes it an Essentail Addition to your Home Exercise Equipment. Time For a Healthier and Stronger You! Don’t Wait… Get Your Amazing Core Fitness Loop Band Set Today!
  • ★ SAVE 62% OFF TODAY – While Suppiles Last ★ Amazing Core Fitness Premium 10″ Resistance Loop Band set includes: Blue: 5 lbs., Red: 10 lbs., Green: 20 lbs., Black: 30 lbs ★ The Premium 14″ Resistance Loop Band set includes: Blue: 7.5 lbs., Red: 15 lbs., Green: 30 lbs., Black: 45 lbs ★ For Maxium Results with the least amount of effort ★ Also Included: Our Exercise Training Guide And Our Online Exercise Videos That Are Updated Monthly So You Will Be Always Up-To-Date With Your Workouts!
  • ★ Includes: 4 – 12″x3″ Loop Bands Allowing you to quickly tailor your workouts achieving your desired results sooner. Professional grade durability and Elasticity -#1 on the market
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