Eoin Finn is back with his much-anticipated December 2009 yoga release. Shot against the majestic mountains of Whistler and the stunning beaches of Vancouver, BC, the location of the 2010 Winter Olympics, this yoga DVD stars world-class athletes and lululemon elite ambassadors. For beginning to advanced yogis, the multiple workouts help to unlock your full mind-body potential while increasing strength, endurance, and serenity. With over four hours of flow style yoga designed by one of Canada’s most beloved yoga instructors, Eoin Finn. These workouts both address the needs of athletes while enhancing inner peace and calm. The routines range in various lengths and intensity levels. Hip-opening, core-strengthening, shoulder-opening, twisting, backbends (front-body stretches); breathing and centering practices. Some routines are physically challenging while some are about chilling out and restoring balance. Since all people by nature are equal but all hips are not created equal, the DVD offers variations for both the super-stiff and the super-bendy using Eoin s All Levels, All Good approach. The instruction is clear, precise and pays particular attention to alignment. You will move seamlessly from pose to pose in a fluid practice.

Product Features

  • Contains hours worth of multiple workouts
  • Advanced level yoga DVD workouts, but can be modified for beginners or intermediate
  • Released December 2009
  • Over four hours of vinyasa yoga