In just minutes a day, the Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 Ltd Inversion Table (As Seen on TV) can help relieve back pain, improve joint health, increase flexibility, and tone muscles through inverted exercise. Target back pain by lengthening and relaxing tense muscles and decompressing the spine to help realign, rehydrate discs and reduce nerve pressure. Increase flexibility by keeping joints and muscles healthy. The UL Listing and secure lock-out gives you confidence to exercise in full inversion to tone the abs, glutes and legs. Built for the Benefits: The ComforTrak bed flexes to allow greater range of motion for back pain relief through realignment and relaxation. Its smooth surface promotes decompression of the spine and joints, and its innovative ‘track’ design fits the BONUS Acupressure Nodes and Lumbar Bridge, adding relaxation benefits. Years of research produced the Ergo-Embrace Supports, our most comfortable ankle cups yet. Add stretching and decompression with built-in Grip-and-Stretch Handles and Stretch Assist Handles featuring an embossed angle guide. Precision balancing offers the best control for rotation and oscillation. Certified Quality, Top Rated: The EP-560 is UL Listed and rated by Dynamark Engineering as the best against competing brands tested, outlasting in endurance, strength, rotation control, and assembly. Since 1981, Teeter has made the best value inversion equipment with time-proven design features that ensure dependability and user security.

Product Features

  • BONUS Acupressure Nodes and Lumbar Bridge fit anywhere along the innovative ComforTrak bed design
  • Ergo-Embrace ankle cups; built-in Grip-and-Stretch Handles for added stretching and decompression
  • Precision balancing for easy control; Secure lock-out for inverted exercise; Folds for storage
  • #1 in comp. tests; 90% pre-assembled; DVD w/ bonus Healthy Back Routines; rated 300 lbs.; 5-yr warranty
  • Quality tested to UL safety standard, Teeter is the only inversion brand w/ certified quality