Straw and Thread Foldable Beach Mat [3 X 6 Feet] With a Red Fabric Border from India measuring 34 X 71 inches.

Why Buy from SouvNear Inc.?

1. Collectible quality: We are not traders. Our goal is to promote dying and remote arts of the world, so we don’t loose them forever. To achieve this, we either work with artisans to provide a contemporary finish to their utility and art handicrafts, or we source quality, finished products from them at a fair price from different locations in India, and provide them global visibility.

2. Value for money: Considering that we are very choosy for design and quality, our products are very competently priced. We make every effort to ensure that we deliver the very best of value for your money. And with our 100% customer satisfaction policy, you can rest assured that we are always there for you if you ever want to reach out to us.

3. Giving back: Your purchase will help sustain artisans who create these products and 10% of our profits will benefit artisan families through social ventures such as the provision of education for artisans’ children. Our endeavor is that the next generation gets empowered to directly trade with the end customer.

Your feedback is important!

*We do forward your feedback to the artisans and look forward to all your comments.

Product Features

  • This is a large – appx. 3 X 6 feet (34.2 X 71 Inches), handmade natural ‘green’ foldable straw beach mat. Green in the sense that it’s made by hand using natural material. The eco-friendly nature of the mat makes it an awesome addition to your beach visits! It can easily be opened and folded back to a travel-friendly and storage-friendly portable size. The mat has an intricate white, red and black thread weave and comes with a red fabric border.
  • If you want to use it at home, this straw mat has a primitive, rustic, country feel and goes well with any indoor or outdoor decor as well. It’s great for using on any floor and excellent for meditation because it’s natural, handmade appeal brings you closer to nature.
  • Hang it outside the window to stop the sun from coming in. Great, cost-effective idea for a blind and keeps your house cool too!
  • It’s great for your personal use and an excellent gift for anyone on any occasion. It’s portable and travel-friendly. Everyone will just love the natural, handmade feel of the mat and it goes well with almost any decor and setting.
  • This mat was hand-woven by artisans in Assam (India). Because these are handmade, no two mats will be the same and there will be slight variation in size, color, etc.