What sucks about most wireless lav or headset mic systems is having to deal with that bulky beltpack transmitter getting in the way or hanging off of you like a ball and chain. The Samson Airline Micro Earset System is a real rebel, refusing to conform to the establishment and daring to do what others are afraid to do — ditch the body pack and put the transmitter right into the earset. Like those Blue Tooth headsets you see permanently attached to some cellphone addicts’ ears, the Samson Airline Micro Earset System’s microphone features a powerful built-in transmitter to pick up your voice straight from the source.

Product Features

  • Wireless UHF 600 MHz system with micro-size AH2 transmitter and AR2 receiver
  • Tone squelch and auto mute for clear operation
  • Includes a convenient system carry case
  • Includes AC adapter and charging cables