Do You Make This Mistake When Buying Resistance Bands?

Resistance bands are a fantastic tool for increasing your fitness levels anywhere. However, do you find that your bands are holding you back when it comes to performing certain exercises such as bicep curls? FitGevity’s comfortable padded handles will help you solve these problems. Since these handles are easily attached with a strong carabineer clip they are perfect for loop bands or traditional tube bands, and will help you diversify your exercise routine. Incorporate resistance bands and accessories into your yoga, Pilates, strength training or P90X routine for added difficulty, flexibility and versatility.

The Most Durable Handles for Your Resistance Band Set: comfortable; foam padded; durable, only made with the highest quality materials; attached with a sturdy carabineer clip, not a carabineer clip attached to a D-ring; light weight.

What’s in the box: 1 pair of fitGevity’s comfortable and easy to use resistance band handles.

The ONLY Resistance Band Handles Backed By A Lifetime Hassle Free Replacement Guarantee

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Product Features

  • This resistance band accessory gives a new meaning to love handles! fitGevity’s handles feature foam padding for comfort and a sturdy carabineer clip attachment that will ensure your safety while working out These handles can easily be switched out between tube resistance bands and flat loop bands.
  • The large carabineer clip attachment allows you to easily switch out different levels of resistance, or layer multiple levels of resistance together for a custom feel.
  • Use one or both handles depending on your fitness needs.
  • Combine handles with a door anchor or anywhere anchor for added versatility.
  • Includes FREE resistance band exercises & Lifetime Warranty!