The Quest family fingertip pulse oximeter with pediatric probe measures SpO2 percentage of oxygen saturation in the blood and pulse rate with accuracy and ease. A dual to capable product, the Quest family fingertip pulse oximeter pulse oximeter allows for standard adult use and optional child use through a pediatric probe attachment. Compact and portable with multiple features including immediate measurement of blood oxygen saturation, pulse rate, plethysmograph capabilities, an automatic 180 degree display change by built to in orientation sensor and the latest organic light emitting device OLED color display. The Quest family fingertip pulse oximeter family pulse oximeter is widely used by all ages in sports, athletics, during aviation and for health management in home diagnostic monitoring. Includes family fingertip pulse oximeter with pediatric probe, external pediatric probe, carrying pouch, lanyard, instruction manual, two 2 AAA batteries.

Product Features

  • Lightweight, compact, and easy to carry; Accurately measures SpO2 value and pulse rate
  • Auto shut off after idle for 8 seconds; Low voltage indicator
  • High quality OLED multi color display; Automatic 180 display change by built in orientation sensor
  • Audio and visual alarm functions; External pediatric SpO2 probe
  • 2 year manufacturer’s limited warranty