What are the most comfortable shoes you’ve ever owned? Is there a brand you turn to again and again?MULINSEN is good choice,you can’t miss. MULINSEN is domestic first using the latest high-tech fabrics and the leading technical bold and used for making shoes brand.Every shoes are come from the brand exclusive of the best designers, and length of service in more than twenty years old shoemaker, cooperated by the exquisite sewing process, for the purpose of comfort, make practical and fashion with classic good shoes

Product Features

  • Carefully selected high quality head layer cowhide, be sure to order the whole piece of leather, there is no a flawed skin will be abandoned in the unqualified, keep the shoes have qualitative feeling smooth.Touch a remarkable, flashing bright beautiful charm luster
  • Italian exquisite handmade,exquisite stitching,luxurious texture,glimmer,concise supereme footwear
  • Warmer and more with thicken wool
  • Ergonomic design, increase and steps of fit, wearing more comfortable and natural
  • Brazil’s wild rubber soles, contain special elasticity factor, warm wear-resisting.The soles of the special background, shock absorption promoted three times than the ordinary sole slippery wear-resisting coefficient, swagger sole moment brings you a strong aura