Monster Fitness Ab Wheel. Just what you need to Strengthen and tone your abs, shoulders, arms, and back

This exercise wheel is a simple piece of ab exercise equipment. Small and sturdy
with a rod traversing the center that serves as the handles.
Although it appears innocent enough and is normally used for fairly easy stomach exercises
it is also known as a primary function to assist with core-strengthening exercises.
In fact this little ab wheel is so good for building the six pack muscles of the rectus abdominis
and outer obliques it beats any other piece of equipment that you will see in the gym.

* Dual wheels for greater stability
* Comfortable, easy grip handles
* Easy assembly instructions
* Knee pad to keep your knees in comfort together

> They work
> They increase your strength
> Works for the entire body. Arms, Shoulders, Upper back, Lower back, Hips And Thighs
> Increase your core stability. All the muscles of your midsection
> Improve your sporting performance
> Improve your coordination and mobility
> Effect your posture and back health

What if you can get the six pack you wanted?

Have you ever dreamed of getting into the best shape of your life?


Get ready to maximize the endurance, strength, flexibility, and power you never knew you had.

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Product Features

  • Two non-skid wheels for added stability
  • Strengthen and tone abs, shoulder, arms and back
  • Comfortable non-slip Foam grips for stability control
  • Easy assembly
  • 100% Money back guarantee