Newly added for 2014, True Balance system for easy inverting. Invert your world with the Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Deluxe Inversion Therapy Table. This deluxe inversion table is made of heavy gauge steel tubing and boasts a weight capacity of 300-Pounds. You will love the extra long, and extra wide back rest support, that is fully padded for additional comfort and support. Our unique 4-position side inversion pin replaces the old style strap and easily adjusts, making varying degrees of inversion simple. Just position the pin in the desired decline position and know that your inversion position will be safe, comfortable and consistent each and every time. Feel the benefits of inversion with the ITX9600. Inverting is known to help relieve back pressure on discs ligaments and nerve roots by elongating the spine, reverses negative effects caused by gravity, increases blood circulation throughout the body, and relieves muscle aches and stress for better overall health. Our thick foam rollers and Soft Touch foam handle bars make for comfortable inverting and easy return to an upright position. The frame design can be folded for easy storage. Accommodates users 4-Feet-10-Inch to 6-Feet- 6-Inch. Order with confidence as this unit includes our one year warranty.

Relieve back pain, ease joint tension, and improve blood circulation without hiring a personal masseuse with the Innova Fitness IT 9600 Deluxe inversion table. Inversion therapy works by placing your body in line with the downward force of gravity. In the process, inversion elongates the spine, increases the space between the vertebrae, and relieves the pressure on discs, ligaments, and nerve roots. And less pressure means less back pain, as well as fewer headaches and neck problems. Inversion is deal for people with persistent spine and muscle aches, in addition to athletes who frequently push their bodies out of whack through repetitive muscle motions, such as runners, weightlifters, skiers, cyclists, and golfers. Studies suggest that inverting your body a mere 25 degrees for even a few minutes per day can have tremendous positive effects.

The IT 9600 is built with versatility in mind, with a three-position bench that allows your spine to decompress and stretch confidently. The heavy-gauge steel frame, meanwhile, boasts a weight capacity of 300 pounds, yet folds up for easy storage in a closet. And thanks to the extra-long, extra-wide padded backrest, the IT 9600 is supportive and comfortable. Designed to accommodate users between 4 feet 10 inches and 6 feet 5 inches, the table also includes four comfortable foam leg rollers.

Product Features

  • Large Padded Backrest for comfortable inverting
  • 4-Position Adjustable Safety Pin for easy positioning and safer inverting over old strap systems
  • Thick Foam leg rollers and Soft Touch Foam handlebars for added inverting comfort
  • Accommodates users 4ft-10in to 6ft- 6in
  • Heavy Duty tubing boasts 300 lbs weight capacity for safe stable inverting