HDE Digital Jump Rope

• Maximize your body’s kinetic jumping energy with the HDE Digital Jump Rope with calorie counter, jump counter, timer and clock. Ergonomically designed with non-slip grip and soft comfortable handles, it provides optimal grip and comfort. The equivalent of jumping rope is unmatched and you would need to run an 8 minute mile in order to burn more calories than you would using a jump rope. The HDE Digital Jump Rope is designed using resilient, vinyl material for optimal speed. The anti-slip grip handles provide full motion control so you can focus on your workout.

• Convenient LCD screen keeps a precise record of your workout: clock keeps accurate time, timer lets you set your workout time, count-mechanism keeps track of your jumps, calorie counter keeps a precise record of your burned calories, and fat percentage mode tracks the amount of fat reduced. The HDE Digital Jump Rope keeps an accurate record of your jumps and ensures premium control for jumping forward, backward, and crisscross. Adjustable 118 in. vinyl rope is easily customizable for any height and allows you to set your comfort level. The sleek design ensures you simultaneously strengthen your upper and lower-body for an effective and efficient exercise session.

Product Features

  • Electronic jump rope measures jumps, calories burned
  • Features: timer, clock with exercise timer
  • Adjustable rope length
  • LR44 battery (included)
  • Package Contents: 1 x Electronic Jump Rope w/ Timer,Clock,Calorie Counter