The Ultimate Fitness Package is all you need to get in shape!
Gorilla Gym is unlike any other home fitness product: it’s your solution to staying healthy and fit – while having fun! The Gorilla Gym, AirStraps and the included AirSpeed 11-11 Training Program DVD can get you in the best shape of your life in just 3 weeks!

Only 11 minutes on the Gorilla Gym sculpts all 11 muscle groups which matter for a great body!
Gorilla Gym uses your own weight to sculpt your entire body faster and better than other products available today. In only 11 minutes per day, you get the flat stomach everyone loves, shapely thighs and legs, the arms and chest you want while losing weight.

You will burn fat and work your entire body, with almost no impact to your joints
Gorilla Gym can be tailored for a wide range of ages and fitness levels. Choose to perform each exercise either fully suspended (advanced) or with your feet on the ground (introductory) and gradually increase your body’s angle to add weight.

You will quickly see the results as you tone your abs, arms, glutes, legs, define your back, sculpt your chest, and develop your shoulders and biceps!
And we incorporate non-impact cardio training to elevate your heart rate and achieve results faster.

Exercising on Gorilla Gym for 11 minutes is equivalent to working out in the gym for 45 minutes
Studies prove that by elevating the heart rate through cardiovascular exercise, your strength training becomes more effective – and in a shorter amount of time. Exercising on Gorilla Gym for 11 minutes feels equal to working out in the gym for 45 minutes. When you use multiple muscles at the same time, you get results faster.

Product Features

  • Includes Gorilla Gym, AirStraps, and AirSpeed 11-11 Training Program DVD
  • Complete workout package, simultaneously works all 11 muscle groups, which matter for a great body
  • Only 11 minutes a day of cardio and strength training will get you in great shape in just 3 weeks!
  • No drilling, no holes, no bolts-installs in your doorway in 20 minutes, Fits most standard doorways 24″-36″ wide with regular trim. See our infographic to make sure your doorway will work.
  • 2 levels–fully suspended body exercises in the air or keep your body on the ground