Chisel your middle with Empower’s Cardio Core fitness hoop! Burn as many calories as aerobics or running and have TWICE AS MUCH FUN! The Cardio Core fitness hoop is an exhilarating total body, yet low impact, workout that will shake up your fitness routine! Hooping packs calorie combusting exercise with abdominal toning. The hoop will tone your entire body, strengthen your core, define your waistline, and burn fat and calories. About Empower Empower unites fitness products and expertly designed workouts with wellness fundamentals to inspire women to lead healthy, active lives.

Product Features

  • Soft, thick, foam padding for extra comfort while hooping
  • Lightweight hoop targets your core
  • Snap-button connections easily disassembles into 6 pieces for storage or travel
  • Includes one 40-inch, 2lb, Cardio Core fitness hoop and illustrated workout guide
  • As with most fitness hoops, this product may cause tenderness with first few uses