Here’s a Quick Way to Improve your Health, Fitness, Stamina, Agility, Coordination & Burn Fat Fast –> Jumping Rope <– A skipping rope has been the equipment of choice for boxers for over 100 years and is also part of the training regime for Crossfit athletes. Skipping has many benefits: – Quickly improves your fitness, stamina, co-ordination, agility, foot speed, eye-hand coordination and strengthens bones – Portable, you can skip almost anywhere – Quick & Convenient – even for the most busiest of lifestyles, you can always find 5 minutes a day to skip and easily improve your fitness – Tricks – There are always new skipping techniques to learn which keeps it interesting and challenging every day – Cheap – no expensive monthly gym fees are required In the Past: If you are new to skipping you may have memories as a child skipping with a poor quality skipping rope, tripping up every few skips, getting a tangled rope and finding it very had to do more than a basic jump. Today's Modern Speed Skipping Ropes Change Everything: Nowadays however if you purchase a quality professional speed skipping rope for adults that has the correct length tangle free rope for your height you will find it much easier to skip and will soon be doing double unders (turning the rope twice per jump)! To get the most from jumping rope in the least amount of time you need a high quality professional speed skipping rope. Here are the key elements the CSX Pro Speed 3000 Skipping Rope provides: — Adjustable 10ft / 3m Length – for a height up to 6ft 6inch — Smooth Ball Bearing Handles – Allow the rope to spin fast while ensuring the rope doesn't tangle, twist or wear — Fast 2.5mm Thin Tangle Free Wire Rope — Highest Quality Materials – Lifetime Guarantee on Plastic Handles. Click on the Add to Cart Button to Take Your Fitness to a New Level Now!

Product Features

  • ADJUSTABLE LENGTH – 10ft WIRE CABLE JUMP ROPE, One Size Fits All. Designed for extreme speed, improving Cardio Sports Fitness, Stamina and Weight Loss
  • BALL BEARING HANDLES – 5″ Smooth Ball Bearings provide Control and Comfort. Makes jumping rope and double unders easy, helps to get the most from your workout.
  • TANGLE PROOF & QUICK – Burn Belly Fat Fast and in less time, great between sets in Strength Training and Bodybuilding
  • SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE – Men, Women, Adults, Teens and Kids – Best equipment for WOD’s and Mastering Double Unders. Cross, Interval, Military, Tabata, Circuit, Athletic, Agility Training, Boxing, MMA, Kickboxing
  • JUMP ROPE WORKOUTS – eBook PDF includes jumping techniques, 20 workout routines, warming up, cooling down and nutrition for your own Personal Home Motivation Exercise Program. 18 MONTH HASSLE FREE WARRANTY – If for any reason you are not happy with your product, contact us and we will do our best to help, whether through replacement, repair or refund