Improve your Health, Fitness, Stamina, Agility, Coordination & Burn Fat Fast by Skipping If you already do a sport or you just want to improve your fitness, skipping is the best fitness equipment to improve your overall physique through better balance, coordination, timing and agility. These skills translate into improving your chosen sport fitness as well as daily life fitness. Skipping Benefits: – Compact & Portable Training Equipment – Take it anywhere and jump rope anywhere. – Cheap – You don’t require an expensive gym membership. – Convenient – Even with a very busy lifestyle, you can always find 5 minutes a day to skip and improve your fitness. – Challenging – Once you have mastered the basic skip you can introduce new techniques such as double unders (turning the rope twice per jump) to keep your workouts interesting and challenging. What You Need: To get the most benefit from skipping it is recommended to use a professional speed skipping rope with ball bearing handles, wire rope, and adjustable length. This combination of features makes it much easier to improve your skipping technique and therefore get the most from your workouts in the smallest amount of time. The CSX Pro 3000 Speed Rope includes: – 5″ Smooth Turning Ball Bearing Handles with Comfort Grip – Provide a very fast speed suitable for double unders and also ensure the rope will not tangle, twist or wear. – 10ft / 3m Adjustable Length – Quick and easy to adjust the length suitable for any height up to 6ft 6inch using the adjusting screws. – Stainless Steel Wire Rope – Thin 2.5mm plastic coated rope with removable rubber end caps provide both speed and endurance. – Highest Quality Materials – Lifetime Guarantee on Plastic Handles Click on the Add to Cart Button to Take Your Fitness to a New Level Now!

Product Features

  • ADJUSTABLE LENGTH – 10ft WIRE CABLE JUMP ROPE, One Size Fits All. Designed for extreme speed, improving Cardio Sports Fitness, Stamina and Weight Loss
  • BALL BEARING HANDLES – 5″ Smooth Ball Bearings provide Control and Comfort. Makes jumping rope and double unders easy, helps to get the most from your workout.
  • TANGLE PROOF & QUICK – Burn Belly Fat Fast and in less time, great between sets in Strength Training and Bodybuilding
  • SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE – Men, Women, Adults, Teens and Kids – Best equipment for WOD’s and Mastering Double Unders. Cross, Interval, Military, Tabata, Circuit, Athletic, Agility Training, Boxing, MMA, Kickboxing
  • JUMP ROPE WORKOUTS – eBook PDF includes jumping techniques, 20 workout routines, warming up, cooling down and nutrition for your own Personal Home Motivation Exercise Program. 18 MONTH HASSLE FREE WARRANTY – If for any reason you are not happy with your product, contact us and we will do our best to help, whether through replacement, repair or refund