The kettlebell has long been a favorite for those seeking a special edge in strength and endurance. Kettlebell training develops strength, power, endurance and balance. Working out with kettlebells will sculpt and tone the entire body because lifting and controlling a kettlebell forces the entire body, and specifically the core, to contract as a group, building both strength and stability at the same time. Kettlebell workouts engage multiple muscle groups at once. They are a great option for getting a whole body workout in a short time. Made of solid cast iron, these kettlebells are both versatile and durable. Warning: This product contains one or more phthalate chemicals known to the state of California to cause birth defects and other reproductive harm. Consumer may return the product for a full refund, including shipping cost for both receipt and return of the product within 15 days of his or her receipt.Made of solid cast iron, CAP Barbell kettlebells are both versatile and durable, offering a surprisingly varied series of exercises to tone your entire body, particularly core muscles.

What are Kettlebells?
Kettlebells are weights with handles that allow you to sculpt your entire body using full-body movements. While Kettlebell workouts have been used by athletes for centuries, they were recently re-introduced to the fitness world, thanks in large part to celebrities and personal trainers, who appreciate the fat burning benefits these simple devices provide.

This CAP Barbell product includes a limited 30-day manufacturer’s warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

About CAP Barbell
CAP Barbell has been a leading fitness equipment maker for more than 25 years. Originally producing only free weights and benches, the company now carries upwards of 600 products across more than ten categories, and its brands include CAP Barbell, Velocity Exercise, Tone Fitness, and CAP Strength.

Product Features

  • CAP Barbell kettlebells are both versatile and durable
  • Offers a varied series of exercises to tone your entire body
  • Particularly effective in toning core muscles
  • Weighs 20 pounds; made of solid cast iron
  • Includes limited 30-day manufacturer’s warranty