Have fun at your family picnics/barbecues with this unique toy. Have a contest to see who can keep going the longest (count reps or buy 2 and let people compete!) It encourages cooperation and coordination between the two people playing. It strengthens upper body muscles and teaches coordination. Great for kids and adults alike. You could put wrist weights on and get an even better workout while PLAYING! It is a fun “hands-on” break from school work (we homeschool) Perfect for kinesthetic, ADHD, autistic and dyslexic kids. Can be used indoors or out-needs some room to work it, but not too much. Directions: You need 2 people one at each end of the ropes. Take a handle in each hand, slide the ball towards one person. When the ball is near you open arms wide separating the ropes and sending the ball towards the other person (their hands should be “together”) Then the opposite person times the separating of their hands to send the ball back. Have fun-go as fast as you can!!! This toy consists of two 84″ nylon ropes with durable plastic handles on each end and a 5″ X 8″ zoom ball shaped sort of like a football.

Product Features

  • Fun toy for indoors or out
  • Teaches eye hand coordination and cooperation
  • Brings lot of laughs
  • Good Upper Body Workout
  • Occupational Therapist Recommended